We've been regularly pushing updates to CodeCrafters, but this changelog isn't up to date. We intend to revive it soon!
We now log "terminating program"
the test failure instead of before, so it doesn't seem that tests failed
the program was terminated.
Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 12
In certain cases where test logs contained null bytes, incomplete output was streamed to the terminal. This has now been fixed.
Thanks to evoxtorm for reporting this!
The SQLite challenge now supports Javascript.
The SQLite challenge now supports Go.
The supported Go version has been updated for all challenges. The previous version was Go 1.13, and now we're running on Go 1.16.
Existing repositories that use Go 1.13 will continue to work.
Our fourth challenge is now available in Early Access: Build your own SQLite.
In this challenge, you’ll build a barebones SQLite implementation that supports basic SQL statements like SELECT. Along the way, you’ll learn about SQLite’s file format, how indexed data is stored in B-trees and more.
Only Python is supported as of now, we'll be adding Go, Javascript and Rust soon. If you want a specific language added, please let us know in Discord!
If a user committed compiled binaries by accident, our Git servers wouldn't accept the push because of an upload size limitation. We've added a
file to exclude Rust's compiled binaries so that this doesn't happen much.
Here's the PR where this change was made.
Thanks to TheMenko for highlighting this!
Major improvement to build times: Test results via git push should now be rendered with a close-to-zero delay.
The delay was previously ~20s, and now it is down to <5 seconds.
Minor quality of life improvement: We now print the stage instructions URL in all test logs, so you can easily switch between the browser and terminal.
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